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Radiator Inspection


Multi-Point Checks for Different Purposes

We offer Inspections for a range of situations. Predominately, an inspection is done when an issue needs diagnosing or an issue requires confirmation of an expert.

Inspections: Services


Oil for the Car


Addressing Issues and Concerns

Our most popular inspection service, we do a FULL vehicle inspection alongside a diagnosis of the mentioned concern which can be either fixed (with no extra charge) or scheduled for replacement with us or dealer.  



We offer Pre-MOT Inspection, with a 50 point check that inspects interior as well as exterior functions, engine, chassis and suspension checks. If the car has an issue that will fail MOT, an estimate can be done to see how much the repairs will roughly be. An MOT will be booked and the vehicle can be checked and repairs can be done, if needed.

Mechanic at Work
New Car Keys


Complete & Comprehensive

In order to insure, the vehicle you are interested in is in the best condition possible or making sure you get a bargain, a pre-purchase inspection is arranged to make sure you get the right car for you. For it to be safe, reliable and optimally performing... Most of the time, the price can be negotiated by our technicians with the seller to get you a better deal

Inspections: Services
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